Sew Your Runway Look

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Sew Spring 2016 runway looks. This week, Paule Ka’s show was so fresh, so fun and so wearable. The collection featured beautiful dresses in quirky fabrics. If you’d like recreate this look at home Muse Attire's Beth dress pattern would be the perfect choice.


Sewing Fashion Icons

Friday, 2 October 2015


Cloning the looks of others takes the creativity out of our style identity but fashion icons can inspire our sewing. Carine Roitfeld’s urbane style was the inspiration behind some of the key pieces in Muse Attire's Contemporary Classics Collection.


Carine’s casual, sleek silhouette is timeless and effortlessly elegant. The Carla skirt reflects Carine’s clean lines but also has a fit and form that would make it practical for women’s busy lives. The inclusion of a back vent enabled the design to keep her fitted look whilst ensuring ease of movement.

Likewise, the Lauren shirt is all about strong femininity. It’s a masculine wardrobe staple with a feminine fit. If you want a super hot look opt for linen or sheers rather than cottons.

Whilst fashion icons often have extreme styles, they are a wonderful source of initial inspiration. Magpieing and mixing design details is a great way to approach your own styling.



Monday Fashion Fix

Sunday, 20 September 2015

A Monday morning fashion fix takes the edge off the back to work blues. Whilst I'm enjoying the weekend, I tend to be a style sloth so I rather relish donning something more appealing for the return to work.

Our Contemporary Classics Collection of sewing patterns are perfect for creating in-work style. A smart shirt, sleek skirt and you're back in business.


Runway Edit Spring 2016

Friday, 18 September 2015

Photograph: Kim Weston Arnold
2016 runway collections have featured suave and simple separates. If, like me, you’re a devotee of J.JS Lee you can recreate her understated elegance at home. Muse Attire's Carla and Lucy patterns complement one another and resonate with the Spring 2016 look.

Wear The Look - Lauren

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Muse Attire's Contemporary Classics Collection is all about stylish versatility; here’s how to wear the look casually for their Lauren pattern. To create a timeless casual look, wear the neck unbuttoned and team up with skinny jeans and pumps. This shirt is also great with three-quarter length Capri pants.

Sewing Your Own Fashion

Saturday, 5 September 2015

It's been a busy summer: I've been testing samples over at Muse Attire, here's an update.

Create your ideal wardrobe; sewing clothes is a great way to develop your own fashion identity. We all know how frustrating it can be when you go clothes shopping only to come back empty-handed and disappointed. At Muse we’re in the process of completing the final pieces for our Contemporary Classics Collection which, as the name suggests, is compiled of timeless wardrobe staples.


Become your own designer; sewing your fashion favourites, making the styles you want, in the fabric and colours you like is easier than you might think.

At Muse Attire we aim to inspire women to create their own style. September is always a key month in the fashion world, it’s also a great time for us to evaluate our own wardrobes. As home seamstresses, we love sewing but we also need to love wearing the clothes we’ve created. Like all designers, it’s important to think of the practical as well as the aesthetic.

Before starting your next project, some of the following questions may help you pick the ideal pattern and fabric for your needs:

  • Which current garments really work for me and how could these designs inspire future pieces?
  • What is my signature style or a quirky detail that’s individual to me?
  • What fabric textures do I love wearing and how can different fabrics types compliment or contrast one another?
  • Do I have an ideal style in my head which is not reflected in my current wardrobe and how can new garments bridge that gap?

This September why not sit down with a sketch pad and design your ideal style identity? Above is an example of one of our research and design boards for our Contemporary Classics Collection.



Fashion Exhibitions

Friday, 7 August 2015

Fashion exhibitions are a great place to practise your illustration skills and learn about garment construction. I created the illustration above in response to a Christopher Kane exhibit I saw last month; more of that later.

Sadly, one of the most compelling fashion exhibition's closed this month, the V and A's Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibition. Unsurprisingly, it became the museum's best attended exhibition: 493,043 people visited during its 21 week run, a record breaking number of visitors. Don't despair, there are many great fashion exhibitions that are well worth a visit.

The Museum at FIT is running Global Fashion Capitals until November 14, 2015. As the title suggests, the exhibition explores the global contribution that each fashion capital has made; how each city's cultural identity and particular economic, political, and social circumstances combine to elevate its designers to international attention. On show are histories of the established fashion capitals—Paris, New York, Milan, and London—and the emergence of 16 new fashion cities.

Best of all, The Global Fashion Capitals exhibition features classic designers, like Christian Dior, alongside contemporary designers, like Christian Kane. If you've got time this summer, why not escape reality and spend the day sketching or mentally deconstructing some inspiring creations?